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Podcast “important today”: the last episode

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“Today important” goes, but the topics remain topical and important: With a last, very special episode, the morning podcast “Today important” says goodbye to its audience this Tuesday.

The news podcast of the star in cooperation with RTL and n-tv in April 2021, this Tuesday it will appear for the last time. In two years of broadcasting time, 474 “today important” programs have appeared, always Monday to Friday. The podcast has set topics that Germany is talking about – from society, politics, business and entertainment.

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A special edition

With a special issue, host Michel Abdollahi and the “today important” editorial team say goodbye to their listeners. They revisit the content and their favorite moments from the past two years. Many topics from everyday racism (broadcast no. 217), to the “botch of the Deutsche Bahn” (broadcast no. 461) to the “Tourette syndrome” (broadcast no. 302) will remain important and topical – just like the diverse ones interlocutors. For example the author Düzen Tekkal, science influencer Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim, FDP defense expert Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann or the ministers Lisa Paus, Aminata Touré, Hubertus Heil, Christian Lindner and Karl Lauterbach.

Finally, the editors take the liberty of asking Michel a few personal questions. For example, after his gym training or his weakness for the jungle camp. And where did his sneakers actually end up, which he once sent around the world with tracking? In addition, the editors have prepared outtakes: Because when several people record themselves almost every day, you sometimes make a fool of yourself or make a promise. Have fun with this very personal, last episode “today important”.

Source: Stern

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