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El Salvador: Mass transfer of 2,000 gang members

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Watch the video: El Salvador – mass transfer of 2000 gang members.

Mass transfer of gang members in El Salvador.

This video shows 2000 gang members being relocated to a maximum security prison.

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The prison, which can accommodate up to 40,000 prisoners, is located in Tecoluca, around 75 kilometers southeast of the capital San Salvador.

Conservative President Nayib Bukele posted the video publicly on Twitter.

Within a few days, the clip was viewed more than six million times.

In order to get the rampant crime in the country under control, the so-called “state of emergency” has been in force in El Salvador since the end of March 2022, which is accompanied by the restriction of a number of fundamental rights.

In this context, human rights organizations denounce numerous abuses such as arbitrary arrests and deaths in detention.

Before the state of emergency came into force, El Salvador was considered the “most dangerous country in the world” due to gang crime. According to the government, the murder rate has fallen sharply as a result of the crackdown.

Source: Stern

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