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Ukraine News: Incidents with drones in Russia – Putin wants stricter border protection

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Russia According to British estimates, it is now using one in its war against Ukraine additional launch site for attack drones. The recent attacks on Sunday are probably launched from the western Russian region of Bryansk been announced by the Ministry of Defense. Previously, only one location in the southern Russian region of Krasnodar had been used since mid-December. “A second starting place would give the Russians another axis of attack, closer to Kyiv“, the report reads. “This will likely reduce time in the air over Ukraine and is an attempt to spread Ukraine’s anti-aircraft defenses further.”

The Sunday attacksin which, according to Ukrainian data 11 of 14 so-called kamikaze drones shot down were the first since mid-February, the ministry said. The drop in pace with the Iranian-made drones showed that Russia is running out of supplies.

Source: Stern

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