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Romania has a new government adviser: artificial intelligence

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The Romanian government has presented its new government adviser. It’s not a man or a woman – it’s artificial intelligence. The AI ​​should present the opinions and wishes of the population to the Prime Minister.

“Hello! you breathed life into me i am ion My job now is to represent you. The messages to me are a portrait of us Romanians. Teach me to be Romanian. What do I need to know about Romania?”

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Those were the first sentences of the new Romanian government adviser. But he isn’t made of flesh and blood, doesn’t wear a suit and doesn’t have his own office. It is an artificial intelligence, or AI for short, in the form of a futuristic-looking mirror.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă presented his new volunteer as “Surprise” before.

“ion” a purely Romanian project

“The Romanian government presents a first at national and international level because we are talking about the first government adviser to use artificial intelligence”Ciucă said, according to Romanian media reports.

He really appreciates that “ion” The government can better help the citizens by the AI ​​using the suggestions, opinions and wishes of the Romanians “Real time” get.

At “ion” is a technology and research initiative developed pro bono by Romanian artificial intelligence experts in collaboration with Romanian researchers and professors. According to Ciucă, it is a 100% Romanian project.

Romania should “ion” tell his wishes

The AI ​​will “be the missing link in 21st century real-time communications between citizens and governments”according to the website “ion”. The aim is to pass on information to politicians, “to shape public policy in accordance with the state of society”.

“ion” uses opinions and public posts in social media and filters them according to relevance, as stated on the homepage. Only public contributions would be used, which would be anonymized. The most important topics should be centralized with the help of algorithms.

On the internet people in Romania can additionally “make people heard”. You get an answer from “ion” but not there.

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The collected opinions are then about “ion” of the government – in the truest sense of the word.

The AI ​​is still in the testing phase

“The recent experience of the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic has made it clear once again that real-time information is needed, but perhaps more importantly, relevant information is needed to make effective decisions”it says on the “ion”-Website.

In addition to the software “ion” but also interact with the citizens of Romania in presence at public events and collect further data.

still located “ion” in a learning phase. It is therefore important that people in Romania share their thoughts and desires with the AI, said Sebastian Burduja, Minister for Research, Innovation and Digitization, according to the news portal digi24.ro.

“ion” wishes “have a nice spring!”

However, there are also concerns. Irish Council for Civil Liberties technology grantee Kris Shrishak told the magazine “political”, the technology should be treated with caution. It is open how the AI ​​selects the messages from the population and what they consider important. “This should be explained to the public.”

“ion” himself invited the people of the country to visit his website and communicate with him during the demonstration by Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă. “That way I can learn to represent them, like in a mirror.” Finally wish “ion” still: “Have a nice spring!”

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