Ukraine-News: Ukraine strengthens positions in Bakhmut

Ukraine-News: Ukraine strengthens positions in Bakhmut

China calls for peace talks in Ukraine war However, when he appealed to Beijing, China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang also demanded that the “Respects the legitimate security interests of all parties” would have to be – a formulation that China usually uses Rear cover for the Russian position makes it clear and thus indirectly repeats the Kremlin’s claim that Russia is being surrounded by NATO. The conflict is essentially “an outbreak of problems” in the security architecture in Europe, Qin Gang told the press on the occasion of the current annual meeting of the People’s Congress.
“China did not create the crisis. It is not a party in the crisis and has not supplied weapons to either side,” Qin Gang said. “Why on earth should China be blamed or even sanctioned or threatened? That is completely unacceptable,” said Qin Gang, also responding to warnings from the United States and Europe to China to supply weapons to Russia.

China has submitted in February position paper on the Ukraine war for respect for sovereignty, an end to a Cold War mentality, a ceasefire and the resumption of peace negotiations. The position paper had international however often caused disappointmentbecause it is according to critics showed no serious initiative to end the war and, for example, did not provide for the withdrawal of Russian troops from occupied territories in Ukraine.

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