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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Climate protest: First time imprisonment for “Last Generation” activists

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The convicted men had stuck themselves on a street in Heilbronn in February. The court justified the prison sentences – without probation – with the fact that the activists had already been noticed before.

Two climate activists from the group “Last Generation” have been sentenced to several months in prison without parole because of a road blockade. The two men were sentenced to three and two months in prison by the Heilbronn district court on Monday, a court spokesman said.

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They were charged with coercion. According to a spokeswoman for the group, it is the first non-parole sentence that activists of the group have been sentenced to. The men stuck themselves on a street in Heilbronn on February 6. Several media had previously reported about it.

According to the court, three other activists were sentenced to different fines of 60 daily rates each. According to the court spokesman, the penalties for the two men were more severe because they had often attracted attention because of their climate protest and had declared in court that they wanted to continue with the actions. The judgment is not final.

According to media reports, after the verdict was announced, the activists again caused obstructions on a street in Heilbronn with a protest action.

Source: Stern

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