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Protest against Wissing: activists spray Ministry of Transport with colored water

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“Cold shower”: Activists of the last generation drive up to the ministry in a fire engine – then the hose is used. Reason for the action: Wissing’s position on the combustion engine off.

With an action in front of the Federal Ministry of Transport in Berlin, climate protection activists protested against the Federal Government’s transport policy. The last generation group announced that the building was sprayed with water from a fire engine and Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) missed “a cold shower”.

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According to a dpa reporter, orange-colored liquid first came out of the hose, then water. A police spokeswoman said four people drove up in the fire truck around 9:30 a.m. It was initially unclear where the vehicle came from. Police forces are on site, the spokeswoman said.

“FDP Minister Wissing tramples on the law. It has been proven that he is breaking the climate protection law and is now also blocking climate protection for the whole of Europe,” said Jakob Beyer, spokesman for the Last Generation group.

With which Wissing drew the wrath of the climate movement

He was referring to Wissing’s position in the dispute over the end of new cars with combustion engines planned in the EU from 2035. The originally planned EU vote on this had been postponed due to additional demands from Germany. Wissing had said that Germany could not agree to such a blanket ban on combustion engines at this point in time.

The actions of the Last Generation group are controversial. The climate activists had recently drawn criticism with a color attack on the Basic Law artwork in the Berlin government district.

Source: Stern

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