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How the nursing home becomes a poverty trap – a field report

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Caregivers should be better paid. Everyone demands that. But it is mainly the residents who have to pay. Your own contribution increases and increases. Politics promises a lot, but does little. Old people, even with a regular pension, become a case for Hartz IV.

Whenever I hear politicians talking about self-determination, human dignity or life’s work, I always think of Helga. An aunt. She is 93 years old, lives in a retirement home in central Germany and has had an eventful life. Born and raised in Brazil, later suffered through the Nazi era in Germany, and in the post-war period managed a retirement home for decades, where she is said to have been extremely self-confident and assertive, which did not please everyone. Sometimes you can still see that today, when a residual defiance flashes in her pale eyes.

Source: Stern

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