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International Women’s Day: Half of Germans consider discrimination against women to be a problem

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Germans are divided on whether women are disadvantaged in society. 47 percent see only “a small” or “no problem at all”. The differences between the generations are clear.

According to a survey, half of Germans consider the discrimination against women in society to be a major problem. Almost as many don’t see it that way. As a representative survey for the CDU-affiliated Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation showed, there are clear differences depending on the age of the participants.

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The study is to be published on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8th and was available to the German Press Agency in advance. Among other things, the possible disadvantages in the job in the areas of promotion or salary are discussed.

Accordingly, 50 percent expressed the assessment that discrimination against women was a “very big” or “big” problem in German society. 47 percent said it was “a little” or “not a problem at all,” while 3 percent said it was “don’t know.” A majority of younger people between 18 and 35 see a discrimination problem (59 percent), 37 percent of younger people have a different opinion. The relationship is reversed among older people aged 65 and over, here those who see a problem of discrimination are in the minority (39 to 59 percent).

Slight majority for action

According to the survey, there is a narrow majority in the population for political measures to promote gender equality. For example, 51 percent would support it if supervisory board positions in large companies had to be filled equally by men and women. A quarter was against it, about as many undecided.

The survey shows that in certain areas old role models hardly exist anymore, in other areas they do. For example, almost 90 percent consider women and men equally well suited to the top position in a company or government. When it comes to childcare, by comparison, it is only 76 percent. 24 percent say that women are better suited here. In contrast, men are more likely to be expected to hold high military positions: 37 percent believe that a man is more suitable for a post as a general in the army, and 59 percent believe that women and men are equally well suited for it.

Source: Stern

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