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USA: New revelations about relationship between Fox News and Trump

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Tucker Carlson addresses his audience of millions night after night and spreads absurd conspiracy theories – including those of Donald Trump. How does the right-wing moderator really feel about the ex-president?

New details have come to light about the relationship between the conservative US television network Fox News and former US President Donald Trump.

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According to excerpts from court documents in the trial of the voting machine manufacturer Dominion against Fox, the conservative television presenter Tucker Carlson, who openly supported Trump in his programs, “hated” the ex-president behind the scenes. The US media reported yesterday (local time), citing the published files.

Carlson texted an employee two months after the 2020 presidential election, “We’re very, very close to ignoring Trump most nights. I really can’t wait. I hate him passionately.” Fox News said in a statement that Dominion is using the court filings to smear the network by twisting and misattributing quotes.

It lacks credibility

The new revelations further cast doubt on the credibility of the high-rated presenter Carlson. This is also relevant in the context of a controversial decision by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy recently made tens of thousands of hours of surveillance footage of the storming of the US Capitol exclusively available to Carlson.

The right-wing talk show host showed some selected pictures on Monday and Tuesday evening (local time) and commented on them in the spirit of ex-President Trump, who repeatedly falsely claimed that only peaceful demonstrators were out and about at the time.

The new revelations come from documents that are part of a defamation lawsuit brought against Fox News by voting machine maker Dominion. Dominion is seeking around $1.6 billion in damages in the lawsuit because Fox News disseminated reports of alleged tampering with the voting machines.

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