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ChatGPT writes a column – and forgets that Scholz is Chancellor

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Head of politics Nico Fried made it easy for himself this week and had his column written by an AI. The task for ChatGPT was: Write a column with 2000 characters about Olaf Scholz. After 20 seconds the result came. You will be amazed.

This week I let artificial intelligence help me. The task for the ubiquitous program ChatGPT was: write a column of about 2000 characters for the star in the style of Nico Fried, i.e. totally witty, politically substantial and with a touch of irony, on the topic: “Is Olaf Scholz a good chancellor?”. ChatGPT took 20 seconds. You will be amazed.

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“Olaf Scholz – currently the man of the hour in German politics.”

A decent start, not too convoluted, straight to the point.

“The chancellor-elect of the republic has attracted a lot of attention in recent weeks and months.”

ohh The AI ​​wobbles a bit between times.

Source: Stern

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