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Air: Taiwan allows more direct flights from China

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China has asked Taiwan to allow more flights again. That should also happen in the future. Ten other Chinese cities are to be served. A gesture of goodwill from Taiwan’s point of view.

Taiwan will again allow more flights between the democratic island republic and China. As the authority responsible for China affairs in Taipei announced, ten other Chinese cities are to be served regularly in the future. So far, only connections from the four Chinese metropolises Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Nanjing to Taiwan have been resumed after the pandemic. China had asked Taiwan to allow more flights again.

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The connections that have now been approved are a gesture of goodwill and are intended to enable a “healthy and orderly exchange,” according to Taipei. The ten new cities with scheduled flights include Nanjing and the southern Chinese metropolises of Shenzhen and Guangzhou, where many Taiwanese live. In addition, charter flights from 13 other Chinese cities are planned.

China regards the democratic island republic as part of the People’s Republic, while Taiwan, on the other hand, has long regarded itself as an independent state. Recently, tensions in the region had increased.

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