Government: Chile’s President Boric reshuffles cabinet again

Government: Chile’s President Boric reshuffles cabinet again

For the second time in his almost one-year term of office, there is a change within the government. Five ministries are affected.

Shortly before his first anniversary in office, Chilean President Gabriel Boric reshuffled his cabinet again. The changes affected the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and four other ministries, the Chilean government announced yesterday.

The Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday rejected the tax reform of the government of former student leader Boric (37) – an important pillar of the program with which the youngest president of the South American country took office on March 11, 2022.

Chileans rejected new constitution

After the rejection of a new constitution in a referendum, Boric reshuffled his cabinet for the first time last September. With Interior Minister Izkia Siches and the Secretary General in the Presidential Office, Giorgio Jackson, it hit the heart of the government at the time. Jackson, a confidant of the head of state, was considered the ideological mastermind behind the failed draft constitution.

The Chileans clearly rejected the new constitution in a referendum. The basic law supported by Boric’s left-wing government would have guaranteed the right to housing, education and health, stipulated a 50 percent quota for women in all state organs and granted the indigenous communities the right to self-determination. Apparently that went too far for many people in the conservative country.

On Monday, a commission of experts began drafting a new constitution.

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