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Ukraine-News: Russia apparently uses phosphorus bombs around Bakhmut

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The arch conservative Governor of the US state of Florida and prospective Presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis, has questioned US support for Ukraine in the war against Russia. The Republican told right-wing Fox News that it was no “core national interest” of the US “to be drawn further into a territorial dispute between Ukraine and Russia”.
Rather, it is in the national interest of the United States to protect its borders, strengthen its armed forces, achieve energy independence and resolutely oppose China, explains the 44-year-old right-wing politician in the broadcast. The fact that President Joe Biden’s administration has issued Ukraine a “blank check” for further support without a clear goal distracts from the “most pressing challenges” facing the United States.
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The far-right Fox News host Tucker Carlson had sent the Republican Party’s declared and potential presidential candidates a questionnaire on the Ukraine war. Governor DeSantis and ex-US President responded to this, among others donald trump in written form. When asked if opposing Russia in Ukraine was a “core American national strategic interest,” Trump said, “No, but for Europe.” The right-wing populist added: “That’s why Europe should pay much more than us, or as much as we do.”

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