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Ukraine-News: UN Human Rights Council denounces war crimes by Russia

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According to an investigative commission of the UN Human Rights Council, Russian troops committed numerous war crimes in the Ukraine war. These included intentional killings, attacks on civilians, unlawful detention, rape and forced deportations of children, according to the report presented in Geneva. In addition, waves of attacks by Russian forces on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and the use of torture could constitute crimes against humanity. The Ukrainian armed forces are also to be criticized in some cases. Indiscriminate attacks and two cases of torture of Russian prisoners of war are war crimes, the commission said.

“Many of the premeditated killings, unlawful detentions, rapes and acts of sexual violence were committed in the context of house searches aimed at locating supporters of the Ukrainian armed forces or finding weapons,” the report notes. The people arrested arbitrarily were often held captive by the Russian armed forces in overcrowded cells under the worst possible conditions.

“In one case, ten elderly people died as a result of the inhumane conditions in a school basement, while the other detainees, including children, had to share the same room with the bodies of the deceased,” it said. In the case of rapes, family members, including children, were forced to watch the crime.

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Source: Stern

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