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Netanyahu on a visit to Berlin: how the chancellor is walking on raw eggs

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At home, the Israeli prime minister is besieged by demonstrators, in Berlin the chancellor rolls out the red carpet for him and at best hints at criticism of the controversial judicial reform in Israel. About a difficult balancing act.

Olaf Scholz then walks through his chancellery with reasonably firm steps. This is remarkable in that he has to walk on raw eggs this Thursday in Berlin for three reasons.

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Reason number 1: The Israeli Prime Minister is in the city, which in itself is always a bit delicate, not so much because of the enormous need for security, especially because of “the immeasurable crime against humanity”, as Olaf Scholz describes the Holocaust, than both men in the chancellor’s office step before the press.

Reason number 2: Because this Israeli Prime Minister is Benjamin Netanyahu, the visit is a whole lot more delicate than usual.

Source: Stern

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