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Sylt: Municipality prohibits the construction of new holiday homes

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Enough is enough: The community of Sylt has unanimously decided that no more new holiday homes should be built. The “imbalance between holiday homes and permanent homes” has been a problem for years. But now there is a lot of work to do.

The municipality of Sylt has decided to ban the construction of new holiday apartments. The municipal council voted unanimously for the accommodation concept, it said on Thursday evening on the municipality’s website. This is a clear signal for a balanced cooperation between locals and guests – and for a livable and lovable community.

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“Imbalance between holiday homes and permanent homes”

Mayor Nikolas Häckel (independent) told the NDR shortly before the vote: “We have felt an imbalance between vacation rentals and permanent residence on Sylt for years. Today’s decision is intended to bring us back into balance. That is why permanent residence is so important , because we need people here on site – for the fire brigade, nursing, in shift work.”

After the vote, he wrote on Facebook: “This is a great signal to the people of Sylt, but also for tolerable tourism.” Now more than 120 development plans are to be adjusted in order to exclude further holiday homes and to secure permanent living space. That is why jobs should also be created. “Three new staff positions were approved for local development in order to cope with this major task,” the mayor continued.

Birte Wieda from the citizens’ network “Merret’s enough” said after the “memorable” meeting of community representatives: “Sylt has won! All those who no longer thought it possible in this life that something would change for the better on Sylt should be told: It It works! If we trust each other and work together.” The citizens’ network is happy and relieved, “even if it will still be critical and easy to observe in the future,” Wieda continued.

List or Kampen not yet affected

The municipality of Sylt includes Westerland, Rantum, Archsum, Keitum, Morsum, Munkmarsch and Tinnum. The concept does not initially apply to the other places on the North Sea island such as List or Kampen. Wieda said that it now makes sense and is necessary for the other Sylt communities to join the accommodation concept.

In an expert report, it was determined that the number of apartments that were withdrawn from the market in the Sylt municipality through holiday apartments and secondary residences was immense. The consequences are, for example, the increasing lack of affordable permanent housing and traffic congestion. In some locations, this is already endangering life in the district, as there are fewer and fewer permanent residents on the island for voluntary work, social institutions or as workers.

Source: Stern

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