Education: Wissler calls for the abolition of school homework

Education: Wissler calls for the abolition of school homework

“Dispute, excessive demands, tears and aggression”: The left-wing chairman criticizes homework sharply. This form of homework would even deepen the gap in the education system.

Left Chairwoman Janine Wissler has spoken out in favor of abolishing school homework. “Everyday homework stress poisons family life, means arguments, excessive demands, tears and fuels aggression,” writes Wissler in a guest article for the “Tagesspiegel” (Saturday).

For all parents and especially for full-time employees and single parents, Wissler added. At the same time, she described homework as “outsourcing school tasks to the families”. This deepens the division in the education system, as homeschooling during the Corona crisis clearly showed.

“If you read the literature for the German advanced course at home in the upper school, that’s okay, or that you also study at home for exams, presentations and exams. But daily homework, the completion of which is checked in school, must be abolished ‘ Wissler demanded.

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