Government: Scotland’s outgoing Prime Minister learns to drive

Government: Scotland’s outgoing Prime Minister learns to drive

After the political withdrawal, Scotland’s outgoing head of government devotes herself to new tasks and gets her driver’s license. For her, that means “gaining a bit of personal freedom.”

Scotland’s outgoing Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon also wants to spend her new freedom behind the wheel. The 52-year-old is currently getting her driver’s license, she revealed to the BBC’s Nicola Sturgeon . The driving lessons are still in the early stages. But being behind the wheel means “gaining a bit of personal freedom,” which she didn’t have during her political career, the politician said. “It’s just an integral part of the next phase of life.”

Sturgeon announced her departure in February after more than eight years in office. This Monday, your Scottish National Party (SNP) wants to announce who will succeed you: the members have the choice between Finance Minister Kate Forbes, Health Minister Hamza Yousaf and ex-Minister Ash Regan. The previous incumbent then wants to continue to sit as a simple member of the regional parliament.

Sturgeon’s good friend Ricky Bell said the withdrawal came as no surprise to those close to her. “I think the clearest clue was when she said she was taking driving lessons,” Bell said. “You don’t need driving lessons if you’re being chauffeured as a ‘First Minister’.” Sturgeon shied away from the driving test for years – out of fear. “Until then, she has never failed an exam in her life,” Bell said.

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