Unions: General strike announced in Israel

Unions: General strike announced in Israel

Israel is facing a general strike over controversial judicial reforms. The unions have shut down Ben-Gurion Airport and are demanding that Prime Minister Netanyahu back down.

Against the background of the massive protests against the controversial judicial reform, the umbrella organization of trade unions in Israel has called for a general strike. Ben-Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv is also affected.

“I have ordered the airport to stop immediately,” said Ben Gurion Airport Workers’ Union leader Pinchas Idan. Tens of thousands are expected to be affected by the flight changes.

The umbrella organization called Histadrut called for the “historic” labor strike to stop the “madness” of the government’s controversial judicial reform. The strike will begin if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not announce a halt to the reform plans.

According to media reports, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to comment on the controversial reform in the morning. The exact time was initially unclear. Netanyahu is expected to announce a halt to his right-wing religious government’s controversial plans. The office of the head of government did not want to confirm this at first. Should Netanyahu announce a freeze on the plans, this could jeopardize the continued existence of his right-wing religious coalition.

Source: Stern

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