Justice: 10 days detention for climate activists

Justice: 10 days detention for climate activists

They had glued themselves to the Elbe bridges with concrete and paralyzed traffic – a danger to public safety, a judge decided.

Two climate activists from the Last Generation group have to remain in custody for ten days after the Hamburg Elbe bridges were blocked. That was decided by a judge at the district court in Hamburg after a risk assessment.

The 19-year-old and the 27-year-old will not be released until midnight on April 4, according to a police spokesman.

A group of activists from the last generation had blocked traffic on the Elbe bridges for several hours on Saturday. A total of four of the people had stuck themselves with quick-setting concrete and caused a kilometer-long traffic jam in the city center. In addition to the 19-year-old and the 27-year-old, five other people were taken into custody on Saturday, but were released the same afternoon. These were two women aged 16 and 22 and three men aged 22, 24 and 50. In addition, an investigation was initiated against a truck driver who is said to have kicked an activist in the stomach.

Source: Stern

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