Warning strike in Germany: why the rhetoric is overblown

Warning strike in Germany: why the rhetoric is overblown

Germany stands still. The warning strike by Verdi and the railway and transport unions is causing significant disruption to public transport. Some politicians seem to resent the fact that employees are making use of their rights. However, there is little reason for excitement.

24-hour labor dispute – the Verdi and EVG unions are flexing their muscles this Monday. Bus, train and air transport is paralyzed in large parts of the country. From the point of view of the employees, it should have been clear as early as the morning: the warning strike is a complete success. Employers naturally see things differently. For example, a railway spokesman called the labor dispute “exaggerated,” saying that the tariff conflict was being fought at the expense of millions of passengers, while Verdi boss Frank Werneke had already hinted that this warning strike could only be the beginning. It is the verbal exchange of blows, which has been known for decades, that accompany almost every strike.

Source: Stern

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