Government: Scotland: New Prime Minister Humza Yousaf sworn in

Government: Scotland: New Prime Minister Humza Yousaf sworn in

Nicola Sturgeon’s successor as First Minister has been sworn in. The new Scottish Prime Minister Humza Yousaf began filling his cabinet immediately after the ceremony.

Following his election as Scottish Prime Minister, Humza Yousaf has been sworn in. The 37-year-old from the Scottish National Party (SNP), which is striving for independence from Great Britain, assured King Charles III. on Wednesday his loyalty. His family watched the ceremony at Scotland’s Supreme Court of Session in Edinburgh from the visitors’ gallery.

Yousaf is the first Muslim to hold the highest political office in Britain. He replaces Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister, who surprisingly announced her resignation in mid-February after more than eight years in office.

Yousaf then began filling his cabinet in the Scottish seat of government, Bute House. Ex-Treasury Secretary Kate Forbes, who narrowly lost Yousaf in the internal party election, will not be part of the government.

The new head of government had offered her the post of minister for rural areas, which would have been tantamount to a demotion. Forbes emphasized that she will support Yousaf from the back seat in the future. Without involving the 32-year-old, however, commentators see the danger of increasing tensions in the party. Forbes represents a much more conservative course than Yousaf, who is considered the foster son of the liberal Sturgeon.

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