Health: survey: broad agreement on corona requirements

Health: survey: broad agreement on corona requirements

Abbreviations such as 3G and 2G, mandatory masks and tests have long been part of everyday life to contain the pandemic. At Easter, the last rules are no longer applicable. What is the balance sheet of the federal citizens?

According to a survey in retrospect, the soon-to-be-ending state corona protection requirements are widely accepted. In a survey by the opinion research institute YouGov on behalf of the German Press Agency, 48 percent called the mask requirements all in all completely correct and another 25 percent rather correct.

14 percent rated it as completely wrong and 11 percent as somewhat wrong. In retrospect, 41 percent of those surveyed rated the test obligations as completely correct and 32 percent as somewhat correct. They classified 12 percent as completely wrong and 11 percent as somewhat wrong.

The last Corona specifications are expiring

After three years in the pandemic, the last nationwide corona requirements in the Infection Protection Act expire at Easter. The once numerous everyday requirements with mask requirements in shops or means of transport and test requirements before entering nursing homes and many indoor areas have largely been lifted. Masks are still compulsory for visitors to practices, clinics and care facilities until April 7th. On April 8th it will also be over.

According to the survey, almost two-thirds of those surveyed did not have any major problems with dealing with the requirements. In retrospect, 34 percent found that, in general, it was very easy for them to comply with the mask requirements. According to their own statements, it was rather easy for 31 percent. 14 percent found it very difficult, 17 percent rather difficult.

Complying with test obligations was very easy for 31 percent and rather easy for 34 percent. According to their own statements, 13 percent found it very difficult and 18 percent found it rather difficult. A total of 2039 people aged 18 and over were interviewed for the survey from March 29th to 30th.

further results

As a consequence of the mask and test obligations, the most common reason given by 59 percent was that risk groups such as the elderly and the sick were protected. 49 percent found that this resulted in high costs. The fact that the pandemic was kept under control in Germany was true for 48 percent.

43 percent said that freedom was restricted – and that everyday activities were possible despite Corona, 41 percent. The fact that society was polarized by the measures and protection rules was true for 32 percent. 2 percent found none of the options mentioned to be applicable.

According to the survey, confidence prevails when it comes to expectations of everyday rules that may become necessary again. 23 percent believe that government protection requirements could come again next autumn and winter – 56 percent do not believe it. Another 21 percent did not provide any information or did not know.

Source: Stern

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