Sanna Marin: That’s why she has to fear for her power now

Sanna Marin: That’s why she has to fear for her power now

Finland’s young Prime Minister Sanna Marin is being celebrated abroad – at home she fears for her office. On the way in the election campaign with a woman who says that she doesn’t want to change her ways.

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When politicians’ uniforms say something about their wearers, the conservative trouser suits something about Angela Merkel, the slightly oversized jackets something about Markus Söder, then at Sanna Marin it’s best to start with the leather jacket: matt black, lightly padded on the shoulders. The armor of a woman who doesn’t want to be bent. The Finnish Prime Minister wears them sometimes openly, sometimes closed, sometimes at rock concerts, sometimes on state visits. And of course she’s wearing them now, in the crowded lecture hall at the University of Lappeenranta, on a campaign Friday, a good two weeks before the decision.

Source: Stern

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