Tucker Carlson wants to get back into the limelight – his contract prevents him

Tucker Carlson wants to get back into the limelight – his contract prevents him

His contract actually runs until January 2025 – but his Fox News broadcaster kicked him out before then. Tucker Carlson now wants to return to television, but a suspension from his contract prevents him from doing so. Does Fox let him?

It must have hit Tucker Carlson hard when Fox News kicked him out in late April. Him, the well-known star presenter, who had millions on his populist lips night after night on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”. The broadcaster did not give any reasons for the “amicable separation”, there are some speculations. Two weeks after being kicked out, Tucker Carlson is said to be looking for a new platform on which to spread his proven lies. His former employer Fox News, of all people, could prevent him from doing so, at least for a good year and a half.

Tucker Carlson is to look around in the media market

Several people familiar with the matter are said to have reported to the New York Times, among others, that Carlson’s lawyers want to negotiate a deal with Fox News. Because Carlson’s contract runs until January 2025. And a clause in it prohibits him from working for other media houses. Particularly annoying for the moderator: The presidential elections in the USA also fall during this time. There will be another election in 2024, and according to previous announcements, it could again be a race between US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

Carlson should not be short of offers: several right-wing broadcasters had already announced that they were interested in the moderator. According to an insider, the CEO of the right-wing conservative media “Newsmax”, Christopher Ruddy, is said to have even offered to include his name in the company title.

According to the Washington Post, Carlson should also consider offering an alternative debate for Republican presidential candidates. It would be in direct competition with his former in-house broadcaster Fox, which usually broadcasts the first Republican debate in every election campaign. He is also said to have discussed this idea with Donald Trump, reports the “WP” the man whom he hates secretly, but according to his own statement all the more passionately.

Tucker Carlson was with Fox News for seven years. According to “Forbes”, the star presenter should have earned between 15 and 20 million US dollars every year. He is entitled to this money until the end of his contract. According to the two US newspapers, anonymous sources report that Carlson would even waive part of the outstanding fee if he were allowed to return to the media.

His viewers may never know whether it was his lies about the storming of the Capitol that brought him down at Fox, his sexist behavior or the lawsuit brought by the voting machine manufacturer Dominion. If Carlson’s lawyers are successful, his fans might be able to watch the moderator in 16:9 again before the election.

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