Israel attacks targets in the Gaza Strip, Palestinians report 12 dead

Israel attacks targets in the Gaza Strip, Palestinians report 12 dead

Violence in the Middle East conflict has increased since the death of Chader Adna in Israeli custody. Now the army has launched Operation Shield and Arrow against three Islamic Jihad leaders.

Israel has specifically killed three senior members of the Palestinian militant organization Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, a total of twelve people, including women and children, were killed in the air strikes in the city of Gaza and Rafah on Tuesday night. Around 20 others were injured.

The Israeli army justified Operation “Shield and Arrow” with rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip on the Israeli border area in recent weeks. However, the massive attack came as a surprise because there had been a ceasefire for almost a week.

The Israeli army said the three jihadists were Khalil Bahitini, a commander in northern Gaza who was responsible for the recent rocket attacks on Israel, Jahed Ahnam, head of the military council, and Tarek Az Aldin, coordinated the attacks in the West Bank. Weapons factories for the production of rockets in Khan Yunis and other jihad facilities were also said to have been attacked.

Israel’s attack was aimed at three Islamic Jihad leaders

Last week, militants in the Gaza Strip fired dozens of rockets and several mortar shells at Israel after the death of a Palestinian detainee. Several people were injured. Chader Adnan, a senior member of Islamic Jihad, died in Israeli custody after nearly three months on a hunger strike. According to the prison authorities, Adnan had been imprisoned for suspected membership in a terrorist organization and support for terrorism and hate speech.

Israeli army spokesman Richard Hecht said during a conversation with journalists that a total of 40 aircraft were involved in the attacks. The army has achieved its goals. However, the Ministry of Defense has instructed the military to prepare for the possible mobilization of reservists.

Regarding the deaths of women and children, Hecht said the reports were being checked. “We were targeting the terrorists. If there have been some tragic deaths, we will investigate.” The attacks had been planned since last week. Regarding the question of possible retaliatory attacks from the Gaz Strip and perhaps also from neighboring countries to the north, Lebanon and Syria, Hecht said that one was ready “in all scenes”. “We hope this will end as soon as possible.”

Civilians in southern Israel have been ordered to remain near a designated safe area until Wednesday. According to media reports, the border crossings to the Gaza Strip were closed, and schools were also closed. Train services to the border town of Sderot were halted in anticipation of possible counterattacks. The Israeli news site ynet reported that Israel had sent the message to the Islamist Hamas, which rules in the Gaza Strip, that it was “not in its sights”.

A Hamas spokesman said after Israel’s airstrikes that the Palestinian people know how to respond to the “crime” of deliberately killing jihadists and “attack the occupying forces.” A Jihadi spokesman said Israel “ignored all the mediators’ initiatives.” You will avenge the death of the three leaders.

Israel has targeted and killed jihadi leaders in the Gaza Strip several times in the past. Military chief Khalid Mansur was killed in an Israeli airstrike in August last year. Two other jihadi members were killed, including Mansur’s deputy. At that time there were massive rocket attacks from the Palestinian territory and further Israeli airstrikes. After three days, an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire came into effect.

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