UK: Johnson uses tax money for ‘Partygate’ defence

UK: Johnson uses tax money for ‘Partygate’ defence

According to a report, the ex-prime minister is being defended by a star lawyer at taxpayer expense. The opposition is outraged. Is Johnson now threatened with suspension from Parliament?

Public spending on defending former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the “Partygate” scandal is on the rise. The costs for his team led by star lawyer David Pannick are now around 245,000 pounds (282,000 euros), as the BBC reported during the night.

Experts were surprised that Johnson was allowed to use tax money at all and spoke of an unprecedented case. The opposition is demanding that the conservative politician pay back the expenses. Johnson has made around £5.5million on manuscript and speech advances since stepping down as Prime Minister in September 2022.

A parliamentary committee is to clarify whether Johnson lied to the lower house in the “Partygate” affair. In this case, he faces a suspension from Parliament, which could lead to the loss of his mandate. The then head of government had repeatedly emphasized in Parliament that he had no knowledge of illegal lockdown parties in Downing Street. Meanwhile, Johnson has admitted false information, but denies intent. The committee questioned Johnson for hours in March. It is still unclear when the MPs will present their report.

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