Russian war of aggression: Selenskyj: Ukraine still needs some time for major offensive

Russian war of aggression: Selenskyj: Ukraine still needs some time for major offensive

According to its President Zelenskyj, Ukraine must wait with the major offensive against the Russian armed forces. The reason: the military vehicles from the West have not yet arrived.

The Ukrainian army is still delaying the launch of its announced major offensive against the Russian occupying forces because all the promised military vehicles have not yet arrived.

With the material that is already there, Ukraine can attack and be successful, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a published BBC interview. “But we would lose a lot of people. I think that’s unacceptable,” Zelenskyj said. “That’s why we have to wait. We need some more time.” Specifically, the head of state named armored vehicles that had not yet arrived.

Russia is counting on the war turning into a “frozen conflict,” Zelensky said. Western sanctions have already had a significant impact on the Russian defense industry, for example in the case of artillery ammunition. “They still have a lot in their stores, but we are already noticing less daily shelling in some areas,” the president said. He called for preventing the circumvention of sanctions, such as the delivery of goods to Russia via third countries.

Zelenskyy again denied Russian accusations that Ukraine was behind the alleged drone attack on the Kremlin in Moscow last week. It could be more of a “false flag operation” with which Russia creates a pretext to attack Ukraine even more. “They’re constantly looking for something that sounds like a justification,” said Zelenskyy. But that didn’t work. “Even their own propagandists didn’t believe it because it seemed very, very artificial.”

Source: Stern

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