Human rights: parties to the conflict in Sudan agree to protect civilians

Human rights: parties to the conflict in Sudan agree to protect civilians

A bloody power struggle is raging in Sudan. With the mediation of the USA and Saudi Arabia, the conflicting parties have now agreed on some protective measures for the people in the country.

According to US information, the conflicting parties in Sudan have agreed to protect the civilian population and enable humanitarian aid.

A ceasefire could not initially be negotiated, according to a statement from the US State Department late Thursday evening (local time). Talks about a multi-day ceasefire are now to follow – and are expected to begin today, as the “New York Times” reported, citing an unnamed source in the State Department.

The agreement, dubbed the “Declaration of Commitment to Protect Sudan’s Civilians,” was negotiated with the help of U.S. and Saudi diplomats during talks in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Washington said. In it, the conflicting parties undertake, among other things, to allow humanitarian aid into the north-east African country, to evacuate hospitals and water and electricity works and not to use them for military purposes, and to enable the population to bury their dead.

In the country on the Horn of Africa, a long-simmering power struggle escalated violently on April 15. The army commanded by de facto President Abdel Fattah al-Burhan is fighting against the paramilitary forces of his Vice President Mohammed Hamdan Daglo. The two generals seized power together in 2021. Agreed ceasefires have been breached several times in Sudan.

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