Bryansk: Russian helicopters and fighter jet crashed in border region

Bryansk: Russian helicopters and fighter jet crashed in border region

Three planes crashed near the Ukrainian border in the Russian region of Bryansk. There are dead and one injured. Ukraine and the Russian Defense Ministry have not yet commented on the incident.

A fighter jet and two helicopters crashed in Russia’s Bryansk region on Saturday, according to Russian media reports. First, the Russian state news agency Tass reported the crash of a helicopter in the town of Klinzy. An explosion on the helicopter could be seen on videos on social networks before it fell to the ground in flames. Tass later reported the crash of a Russian Sukhoi Su-34 fighter jet. In the afternoon, several media reported about a second helicopter crash. The background was initially unclear.

The Bryansk governor Alexander Bogomas initially only confirmed that the helicopter crashed near Klintsy. Five properties were damaged. A woman was injured and taken to the hospital, he said. A task force had been formed. He did not initially give any details.

Dead after Russian helicopter and plane shelled

Russia has repeatedly complained about the shelling of its regions bordering Ukraine. There was already massive damage, deaths and injuries – but nothing comparable to the Russian war of aggression aimed at the destruction of Ukraine. The leadership in Kiev repeatedly emphasizes that it will not attack Russian territory in the conflict.

According to the media, two people died on board the Mi-8 helicopter that crashed in Klinzy. Videos of the burning wreckage were shared on social media.

The two occupants of the fighter jet could not have catapulted themselves out of the plane, it said. They died too. It was unclear whether there was damage to the ground. The crash site of the Su-34 fighter jet is said to be in a village about ten kilometers from the Mi-8 crash site. The Russian Defense Ministry, which also conducts its attacks against Ukraine from the area, initially made no statement.

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