Gesine Schwan: “Success and effort are not always related”

Gesine Schwan: “Success and effort are not always related”

She would have liked to have been president. Would Gesine Schwan still dare to take on such an office today? In the star-Interview she reveals it.

Ms. Schwan, you will soon be 80. Is getting old difficult for you?

When I turned 50, my nephew asked if I felt old. So I said: Not yet, but probably when I was 60. When I was 60, I got to know my current husband better and was so in love that I didn’t even think about growing old. And now I’m just filled with great gratitude.


1943 Born in Berlin. There, from 1962, he began his academic career with a degree in politics

1972 Joined the SPD, later chaired the Basic Values ​​Commission

2004 and 2009 candidacy for President

2019 Candidate for the SPD presidency

You ran twice for President of the Federal Republic of Germany and for the SPD presidency. Do you still have career plans at 80?

I’ve never been interested in a career in my life, I’ve always been interested in making a difference. I would have liked to have been President. But that’s how it is in politics. You apply, you win or lose.

Source: Stern

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