Munich: City Council gives a speech in a drag queen outfit

Munich: City Council gives a speech in a drag queen outfit

Munich discusses a drag reading for children. A city councilman made a mark – by appearing as a drag queen at a meeting himself.

Drag artists recently caused a heated discussion in Munich. Drag queen Vicky Voyage and king Eric BigClit are scheduled to give a reading for kids at a local library. There had been a lot of criticism from conservative circles.

Thomas Lechner, a member of the Munich City Council for the Die Linke/The Party parliamentary group, also took part in the discussion – in an unusual way. The non-party politician wore a drag outfit at the city council meeting, he showed up with a blonde wig, wore eye-catching make-up, heeled shoes and a skirt. When it was Lechner’s turn to speak, he first asked Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) “whether we might have to switch off the live stream, because if young people and young people have to endure this, it will probably lead to an early sexual revolution lead in the city”.

Munich City Councilor Thomas Lechner: “I am me”

The city council alluded to the fears of drag critics. “I wanted to show how absurd the whole thing is. I wanted to show: I am me – it doesn’t matter what I’m wearing,” said Lechner of the “Abendzeitung”. “I’m not part of the drag scene, but I find drag good and helpful when it serves the cause.” His The 62-year-old then gave a speech on the international day against homophobia, biphobia, interphobia and transphobia under the heading “Breaking down barriers”.

In it, Lechner defended the controversial reading – and also invited Mayor Reiter to do so. “My speech was about inclusion, another important concern to me with a very similar problem. That could be combined very well with the debate about drag reading,” he explained.

Controversial reading for children

On June 13, a reading entitled “We will read the world to you as you like it” will take place in the municipal library in Bogenhausen. “Drag Queen Vicky Voyage with Drag King Eric BigClit and young trans* author Julana Gleisenberg take you into colorful worlds that show what life has in store for you regardless of gender and that we can do anything if we hold on to our dreams! “, says the announcement.

The CSU parliamentary group in Munich had criticized the event as unsuitable for children, Free Voters boss Hubert Aiwanger sees it as “a threat to children’s welfare and a case for the youth welfare office”. Drag Queen Vicky Voyage countered: “It’s not about sexuality, it’s about identity and diversity.”

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