Conflicts: Reports: Zelenskyj travels to the G7 summit in Japan

Conflicts: Reports: Zelenskyj travels to the G7 summit in Japan

Actually, the Ukrainian President should be added to the talks via video. The media are now reporting that he will personally travel to the summit.

According to media reports, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj plans to make a surprise trip to Japan for the G7 summit. Several US media, including the “New York Times”, reported today, citing unspecified official sources, that Zelenskyj is expected in person at the consultations of the seven leading democratic industrial nations in Hiroshima this weekend.

Originally it was said that the Ukrainian President would be connected there via video. The “Financial Times” wrote that Zelenskyj will personally take part in the G7 deliberations on Sunday. There was initially no official confirmation of this.

The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine is one of the main topics of the Hiroshima meeting. The G7 group includes the USA, Japan, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy and Canada, as well as representatives from the European Union.

Selenskyj had already traveled through several G7 countries in the past few days and had sought further support from the partners during visits to Rome, Berlin, Paris and London.

In view of the war, trips by the Ukrainian President are associated with a high level of risk and enormous security requirements, as well as with careful consideration of whether the war events will allow Zelenskyj to be absent. This applies once again to a long journey halfway around the world, such as to Japan. His appearance at the G7 summit would therefore be of particular importance. He is likely to try there to secure further support for his country.

Source: Stern

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