Crime: Hungary releases convicted foreign smugglers from prison

Crime: Hungary releases convicted foreign smugglers from prison

Government in Budapest wants to save prison costs: Husband smugglers are being released from prison en masse in Hungary. The prisoners should leave the country as soon as possible.

The Hungarian government is releasing thousands of foreign prisoners currently serving sentences in Hungary for people smuggling. The only condition is that they leave Hungary within 72 hours, according to a decree issued by Prime Minister Viktor Orban late last month.

The release of the foreign smugglers came as a surprise and is in no way linked to the delinquents returning to their home country and serving out the remainder of their sentences there.

The private TV channel RTL-Klub on Thursday evening showed a hidden camera report showing five people getting out of a minibus belonging to the local correctional facility at the train station in Szombathely (western Hungary). At the broadcaster’s request, the Ministry of the Interior did not deny that the people shown were released smugglers.

Detention of foreign criminals too expensive

Hungarian criminal law inherently provides for long prison sentences for people smuggling. The sentences range from 2 to 20 years. Hungary is on the so-called Balkan route, which takes refugees and migrants from Turkey to Western Europe.

Chancellery Minister Gergely Gulyas justified the step by saying that the incarceration of foreign criminals would be too expensive. According to official figures, there are currently 2,600 foreigners in Hungary, most of whom are criminals convicted of smuggling.

The news portal “hvg.hu” reported on an Afghan human smuggler who went to France after his release. According to the portal, many Romanian, Bulgarian and Serbian smugglers would also go to Austria or another western country after leaving prison in Hungary.

ordinance, approx. Report at portal hvg.hu (subject to payment), Ung.

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