Pakistan scraps self-determination law for trans people

Pakistan scraps self-determination law for trans people

Trans people in Pakistan have been able to choose their gender themselves since 2018. But the government has now repealed the self-determination law for them.

In Pakistan, transgender people will no longer be able to choose their official gender themselves. That was decided by a court in the South Asian country on Friday. The current law is not compatible with the recommendations of Islam, said a spokesman at the court of the German Press Agency. Since 2018, trans people in Pakistan have been able to decide for themselves whether they want to be officially registered as male, female or as a so-called third gender.

The law introduced in 2018 caused a lot of opposition from conservative Muslim society. The transgender community now wants to take action against his deletion and appeal to the Supreme Court. “We reject today’s decision,” said activist Nayyab Ali of the dpa.

Trans people are people who do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. In Pakistan, this includes those born with bodies that are not clearly male or female. The law forbids their discrimination – but transgender people in Pakistan often live on the fringes of society. In addition to harassment, there are also repeated cases of killing and kidnapping.

In January this year, Sindh became the first province in Pakistan to introduce a quota for transgender people in local governments. In September last year, Pakistan launched a telephone hotline for transgender people to report harassment.

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