Survey: Only nine percent of Britons consider Brexit a success

Survey: Only nine percent of Britons consider Brexit a success

Brexit driver Nigel Farage recently described Brexit as a failure. A lot of Brits see it that way.

Only nine percent of people in Great Britain consider their country’s exit from the EU to be a success. This emerges from a survey published by the opinion research institute Yougov on Monday.

On the other hand, almost two-thirds (62 percent) see Brexit as a failure. The rest answered “don’t know” or “neither nor”. 2006 adults in the UK were surveyed on 17th and 18th May. The question was: “Do you think Brexit has been a success or failure so far?”

There are differences in the assessment of what the reason for the failure is. While more than half of those surveyed (56 percent) believe that Brexit was doomed from the start, a third (33 percent) still believe that the exit from the EU had the potential to be successful. But this has been gambled away by various governments. The Brexit champion and former leader of the Ukip party, Nigel Farage, recently made a similar statement.

Looking back, only 31 percent of Britons now believe that the decision to leave the referendum in 2016 was the right one, while 56 percent believe it was a mistake. The regret about Brexit, also known as “Bregret”, is somewhat less pronounced among the people who voted to leave.

Among so-called “leavers”, 22 percent believe they made a mistake – more than ever before. However, almost two-thirds (65 percent) of this group do not regret this decision. The “Sunday Times” had already reported on the survey at the weekend.

Source: Stern

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