Climate crisis: Scholz criticizes protest – last generation “stunned”

Climate crisis: Scholz criticizes protest – last generation “stunned”

During a conversation in a Brandenburg school, the chancellor chooses drastic words for the actions of the activists. They react – in a similarly drastic tone.

The climate protection activists of the last generation have expressed themselves “stunned” by Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s criticism of their stick-on campaigns, which the SPD politician dismissed as “completely crazy” in conversation with schoolchildren.

“Mr. Scholz, how dare you stand in front of the children whose future you are destroying and say that you find protests against your destructive policies “completely crazy”?” the environmentalists said. After all, it was the chancellor’s fault that people on Germany’s streets had to try peacefully to fight for their fundamental rights. “The cause of our protest lies in the irresponsible fueling of social collapse by the Scholz government.”

The Last Generations group regularly draws attention to the fatal consequences of global warming with sit-ins and actions in museums. The members often stick to it – on streets or on works of art.

Scholz said on Monday in a school in Kleinmachnow, Brandenburg, that he had the impression that the actions were not helping anyone to change their mind, but that everyone was above all annoyed.

The Last Generation group explained that Scholz presented himself as “the dear uncle”, although he knew that he was pushing these children into a global school bus that had a 98 percent chance of a fatal accident. The activists quoted a statement by the former head of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Hans Joachim Schellnhuber. In 2019, with a view to the inadequate climate protection policy, he said: “I tell you that we are pushing our children into a global school bus that has a 98 percent chance of being killed in an accident.”

Source: Stern

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