Olaf Scholz: Just 23 percent consider the chancellor to be a strong leader

Olaf Scholz: Just 23 percent consider the chancellor to be a strong leader

Olaf Scholz cuts a good figure on the global political stage. In Germany, the Greens are struggling with the consequences of the best man affair – but none of this helps the chancellor’s reputation.

Former voter favorite Robert Habeck has many problems – from nepotism in his ministry to the controversial heat pump law. The Chancellor, on the other hand, tours from summit to summit – and produces beautiful TV pictures every evening. But Olaf Scholz’s image remains in the basement. A recent Forsa survey for the star According to this, only 23 percent of Germans still consider the chancellor to be a strong leader. That is two percentage points less than in January and nine percentage points less than in May last year.

Even among SPD supporters, only 47 percent attribute the quality of “strong leadership” to him. It is striking that only 19 percent of the voters who voted for the SPD in 2021 but have since left the party approve of the chancellor as a leader. This indicates that Scholz’s wait-and-see political style is partly responsible for the SPD’s poor poll numbers.

Olaf Scholz is not really strong in any of the categories asked

Also in other categories of the for star In the property profile queried, Scholz only gets a mediocre rating, even if there are some slight improvements there. More than half of Germans (51 percent) attribute only one quality to the head of government: that he speaks clearly (+ 3 percentage points on January). 46 percent continue to describe the chancellor as competent. 46 percent also find Scholz likeable (+ 3 percentage points), 44 percent trustworthy (+ 3 percentage points) and 35 percent say that the head of government knows what moves people (+ 2 percentage points).

The data was collected by the market and opinion research institute forsa for the RTL Group Germany on May 17 and 19, 2023. Database: 1,008 respondents. Statistical error tolerance: +/- 3 percentage points.

Source: Stern

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