Heating law will not come into the Bundestag this week

Heating law will not come into the Bundestag this week

The timetable for the passage of the controversial heating law in the Bundestag is becoming more and more shaky. The traffic light groups agreed on Tuesday not to discuss the draft in the first reading in Parliament this week

The heating law, which is controversial within the coalition, will not be given its first reading in the Bundestag this week. The AFP news agency learned this on Tuesday from faction circles. The background is a dispute in the traffic light coalition: The FDP still sees a need for clarification and is therefore delaying the parliamentary procedure. Green parliamentary group leader Britta Haßelmann therefore accused the Liberals of a “blockade attitude”.

Resistance of the FDP against the heating law

The SPD and the Greens originally wanted to bring the controversial draft from the House of Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) to the Bundestag this week in the first reading, thus enabling final adoption before the summer break. This schedule is now in question because of opposition from the FDP.

The draft law is not included on the agenda for the plenary sessions this week, which the parliamentary secretaries of the parliamentary groups agreed on Tuesday, according to AFP information.

Haßelmann criticized that it was “incomprehensible that we cannot start deliberations in Parliament at this point in time”. She expects “that the FDP will end its blockade”. It seemed “a bit like a refusal to work by the FDP, what we are experiencing here,” said the Greens parliamentary group leader. Your group is still striving to pass the law before the summer break.

“It can be done with good will”

Haßelmann indicated that because of the blocked heating law, the planning acceleration law particularly desired by the FDP is now also on hold. She pointed out that the coalition had agreed on an overall package of legislative projects. It is “unfortunate that the law on planning acceleration cannot be completed,” she said – adding: “The responsibility lies with the FDP.”

The SPD parliamentary group also wants to pass the heating law before the summer break. “We want to stick to the schedule to pass the law before the summer break,” SPD parliamentary group leader Matthias Miersch told the Funke newspapers. “People are increasingly annoyed by the bickering about the heaters and want clarity about how the heating will continue.” Looking at the schedule, he said: “With good will, it can be done.”

There are three more weeks of sessions in the Bundestag before the summer break in early July. The next session week begins on June 12; then the coalition could make a new attempt.

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