Parties: SPD leader Esken accuses CDU of “declaring war on pensioners”.

Parties: SPD leader Esken accuses CDU of “declaring war on pensioners”.

The SPD is opposed to the CDU’s proposal to raise the retirement age to 67. Party leader Saskia Esken warns of a “direct path to poverty in old age”.

The SPD chairwoman Saskia Esken has criticized the CDU’s considerations of further raising the retirement age beyond 67 years.

“This is a declaration of war on pensioners,” said Esken in an interview with the German Press Agency. “Every increase in the retirement age simply means a reduction in pensions for many people who work hard, physically or otherwise.” They could no longer work at all and would then have to retire early and accept deductions. With an already low income, this is the direct path to poverty in old age.

In April, the Social Security Commission of the CDU submitted a paper with recommendations for a later retirement age. It envisages linking the retirement age to life expectancy from 2030 onwards – if life expectancy continues to rise as expected by then. From 2031 onwards, the standard retirement age will increase by four months for every year of life gained. At the time, it was emphasized that this was just an initial idea. CDU Vice Carsten Linnemann supported the proposal this week on the ZDF program “Markus Lanz”.

Esken categorically rejected a further increase in the retirement age. “That can’t be our way. It’s very clear to us: The retirement age will not be touched. Anyone who wants to work longer can do it long ago.”

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