War in Ukraine: Fischer: Europe’s security permanently threatened by Russia

War in Ukraine: Fischer: Europe’s security permanently threatened by Russia

Even a ceasefire in Ukraine would not satisfy the warring parties, according to former Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer. In the long term, the new motto in Europe must be: “Safety from Russia”.

Former Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer sees Europe’s security as a permanent threat from Russia – even if a ceasefire is reached in the Ukraine war one day. “If you think about the end of this war, then you have to think realistically,” the Green politician told the “Tagesspiegel”. “It will be a painful ceasefire that will not satisfy either side. And it will pose a permanent security threat to Europe.”

A ceasefire will require “territorial compromises” that are anything but easy for either side, Fischer explained. “If in the end (Russian President Vladimir) Putin got confirmation in the direction of Crimea and some corrections in the east and he has to present that as a success at home, it will certainly not be easy. Conversely, the Ukrainians will find it very difficult to make territorial compromises. “

The old formula, according to which security in Europe can only be achieved with Russia, no longer applies. The future must be guided by “safety from Russia” – even beyond Putin, as Fischer made clear. “Vladimir Putin’s revisionism with the restoration of the ‘Russian soil’ through the re-incorporation of the former Soviet territories is not his private conviction. It is widely shared by the population,” he said.

Source: Stern

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