Justice: trial against suspected left-wing extremists: verdict expected

Justice: trial against suspected left-wing extremists: verdict expected

She is said to have been the head of a criminal organization: whether the court will sentence Lina E. and three other defendants to several years in prison will probably be decided this week.

In the trial against the alleged left-wing extremist Lina E. and three other suspects, the verdict will be pronounced next Wednesday. The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (GBA) accuses the accused of beating up people from the right-wing scene in Leipzig, Wurzen (Leipzig district) and Eisenach between 2018 and 2020. They are also accused of forming a criminal organization, headed by Lina E..

It is eagerly awaited how the left scene will react to the verdict. Nationwide demonstrations have been called for next Saturday, and a rally is planned in Dresden on the day of the verdict. A key witness had incriminated the accused. According to the indictment, 13 people were injured, two of them potentially life-threatening. Another accusation is that the accused rejected the democratic constitutional state as well as the state monopoly on the use of force.

Several years imprisonment required

The trial at the Dresden Higher Regional Court began in September 2021 under high security precautions. In addition to the 28-year-old student Lina E. from Leipzig, three men from Leipzig and Berlin have to answer. Except for personal information, the accused remained silent about the allegations during the trial. Only Lina E. took the chance at the “last word” and thanked her parents and relatives, all supporters and defenders.

The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office had demanded eight years in prison for Lina E. Sentences of between two years and nine months and three years and nine months have been requested for the men. For the defense, on the other hand, only acquittals came into question, because they see the process as politically motivated. The fact that the GBA took over the investigation led to higher criminal charges, the lawyers argued. The “police bogeyman” put the suspects in the vicinity of terrorists. There can be no question of a criminal organization. There was also talk of a reversal of the burden of proof. The court was also accused of bias.

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