Ukraine War: Heavy detonations – air raids on Kiev

Ukraine War: Heavy detonations – air raids on Kiev

Kiev residents have been called to seek shelter. Mayor Vitali Klitschko speaks of explosions in central parts of the city.

The Ukrainian capital Kiev has again been shaken by fierce Russian airstrikes – and that in broad daylight. So far, most air raids have mostly happened at night or in the early hours of the morning. According to the military administration, the air defense was active on Monday afternoon.

A reporter from the German Press Agency on site also reported loud detonation noises and an air alarm. In the sky in the city center it was therefore possible to see how numerous anti-aircraft missiles rose to render flying objects harmless.

Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko spoke of explosions in central parts of the city on Telegram. He also published a photo of flaming rocket parts falling in the middle of a street in Obolon district. Falling objects were also reported from other quarters. Rescue workers are on duty. Nothing was initially known about possible victims.

Authorities called on people to seek shelter. In Kiev, many people had previously been on the streets in early summer weather and bright sunshine. Road construction work was also going on in many places in the capital, which celebrated its city birthday on Sunday.

In broad daylight

Never before have there been so many drone and rocket attacks in Kiev in one month as this May. What was unusual on Monday was that Russia, after night attacks, carried out new airstrikes in the morning.

It was only during the night that several parts of Ukraine – including Kiev – were heavily shelled by the Russian military. According to its own statements, the Ukrainian Air Force fended off 29 combat drones and 37 cruise missiles nationwide. According to preliminary information, there were no dead or injured.

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