Health: Lauterbach warns of “uncontrolled hospital deaths”

Health: Lauterbach warns of “uncontrolled hospital deaths”

In the struggle over the controversial hospital reform, the Federal Health Minister is today advising his state colleagues. Lauterbach defends the reform: Without it, a quarter of the hospitals would die.

Before further consultations on the controversial hospital reform, Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach emphasized the urgency of the plans. “We are at the beginning of an uncontrolled death in hospitals,” said the SPD politician of the “Bild” newspaper. “Without the reform, 25 percent of hospitals would probably die.”

The Bavarian Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) again called on Lauterbach to revise his reform plans. The countries should be able to decide for themselves what care takes place where, he told the editorial network Germany. “Anything else is unconstitutional.” It must not happen that decisions are made about the local hospitals at the “green table in the Berlin bubble”. “I see the current proposals for reform jeopardize the supply close to home, especially in large countries like Bavaria,” he warned.

In the struggle for reform, Lauterbach is coming to Berlin this Thursday for further consultations with his country colleagues. The federal minister had made it clear that he was aiming for more concrete proposals for a law over the summer. In essence, the remuneration system is to be changed with flat rates for treatment cases in order to relieve the hospitals of economic pressure.

Discussions with the federal states are primarily about the planned classification of the clinic network with corresponding financing – from basic care close to home to a second level with further offers up to maximum care providers such as university clinics. Uniform quality criteria are also planned so that clinics can provide certain services. The industry had recently again warned of the acute financial difficulties of many hospitals.

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