Saxony: Police hold members of the state parliament at a demo in Leipzig

Saxony: Police hold members of the state parliament at a demo in Leipzig

A police officer accuses the left-wing politician Juliane Nagel of physically attacking him. Nagel clearly rejects this – and for her part criticizes the actions of the police.

At a demonstration in Leipzig on Thursday evening, the police arrested the Saxon left-wing member of the state parliament, Juliane Nagel. The Saxony police said on Twitter:

“There is a disruption to an official act. Examinations are currently being carried out on the exact circumstances.” A police spokesman told the German Press Agency that it was not an arrest. Nagel had “become part of a police measure”. There is an allegation of a physical attack on police officers.

Nagel, who is also a city councilor in Leipzig and had registered the demonstration on the occasion of children’s day, commented later in the evening in a video distributed on Twitter. You have observed a measure in which the police have determined the identities of two people. “I was standing there, a police officer first insulted or verbally abused me. Then he pushed me out of the way. Then he remembered that I had allegedly assaulted him.”

She was handcuffed and dragged relatively brutally to a police car. “I was also told in the police car that the officers don’t give a damn if I’m a member of parliament.” Then her lawyer made phone calls and pointed out to the police “that she cannot proceed like this,” said Nagel. She was finally released after an identity check.

Source: Stern

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