Belgorod: Governor reports further fighting in Russian border town

Belgorod: Governor reports further fighting in Russian border town

Fighting has apparently broken out again in the Russian region of Belgorod on the border with Ukraine. The governor there spoke of attacks by a “sabotage group”.

Fighting broke out in a Russian village on the border with Ukraine, according to the region’s governor on Sunday. A “sabotage group” had come to the town of Novaya Tavolshanka and fighting was going on, Belgorod governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said in the online service Telegram. He commented on the alleged saboteurs: “I hope they will all be destroyed”.

At the same time, Gladkov declared his willingness to negotiate with pro-Ukrainian Russian fighters who had claimed responsibility for attacks in the border region. “The only thing stopping me from dealing with them is our men who are in their hands,” the governor explained.

Belgorod under fire for days

According to the authorities there, the Russian border region of Belgorod has been under fire for days. According to the information, several civilians were killed. Gladkov called on the residents of villages in the Schebekino district on Sunday to leave their homes and go to safety.

The governor announced that more than 4,000 people were already being accommodated in temporary shelters in the Belgorod region. On Sunday, minors from border villages and children of soldiers fighting in Ukraine should be taken to youth camps, he announced.

On Thursday, the Russian army announced that it had repelled an attempted “invasion” by Ukrainian units overland to Belgorod using artillery and fighter jets.

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