Apolda: One fatality in fire in refugee accommodation

Apolda: One fatality in fire in refugee accommodation

A fire breaks out in a refugee camp in Thuringia: one person dies and a nine-year-old child is missing. The situation leaves many questions unanswered.

A fire in a refugee accommodation in the Thuringian city of Apolda killed one person on Sunday morning and injured several others. A nine-year-old boy was still missing in the afternoon. The police emphasized that it could only be determined with final certainty after the forensic examination whether the dead person was his, as many suspect.

The fire broke out in the living area of ​​the property early Sunday morning. According to the police, 245 people, including many children, had to leave the building. The information on the number of injured and affected fluctuated during the course of the day. Most recently, the police wrote in a message from eleven people who received medical treatment, nine came to a hospital.

According to the police, the Weimarer Land district office organized that the residents were provided with blankets, water and baby food on site. The people were finally taken by bus to an initial reception for refugees in nearby Hermsdorf. They should be accommodated there temporarily, said a spokeswoman for the district office.

The investigation into the cause of the fire was still ongoing as of Sunday afternoon. The public prosecutor’s office in Erfurt has initiated a so-called death investigation, said a police spokesman. This is the standard procedure in fatal fires. For this, there must be no initial suspicion of a crime in the room. The police could not provide any information on Sunday about the extent of the damage to property.

Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) expressed her sympathy for those affected. “Investigations into the background are ongoing. The federal security authorities are in constant contact with the Thuringian police and are always ready to provide support,” she wrote on Twitter on Sunday afternoon.

Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) also expressed his dismay: “My thoughts are with the family and in mourning! A speedy recovery to all those injured,” he wrote on Twitter.

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