Extremism: Saarlouis arson attack: second suspect arrested

Extremism: Saarlouis arson attack: second suspect arrested

A 51-year-old man is currently on trial in Koblenz for a fatal arson attack in Saarlouis. A second suspect has now been arrested. Did he come up with the idea?

After a fatal arson attack on a refugee accommodation in Saarlouis more than 30 years ago, the federal prosecutor arrested a second suspect. The 54-year-old German is strongly suspected of being an accessory to murder and attempted murder to the detriment of 20 people, the highest German prosecutor said. The suspect had previously been arrested in Saarland, a spokeswoman explained.

The 54-year-old, who was shaped by National Socialist and racist convictions, held a high position in the regional skinhead scene at the time. This also includes a 51-year-old man who is currently on trial for the attack in Koblenz. Shortly before the crime on the night of September 19, 1991, the man who had been arrested had visited a restaurant in Saarlouis together with himself and other right-wing extremist like-minded people. There he said, among other things: “Something should burn or happen here.”

A 27-year-old died

The 51-year-old was influenced by this statement and encouraged to commit the crime: “He entered the building, poured gasoline out of a plastic canister in the stairwell on the ground floor and ignited it,” according to the federal prosecutor. At that time, the 27-year-old asylum seeker Samuel Yeboah from West African Ghana was burned to death. Two residents also broke bones when they jumped out of a window. 18 other residents were able to escape unharmed.

Since November last year, a trial against the 51-year-old for the attack has been going on before the State Protection Senate of the Higher Regional Court (OLG) in Koblenz. He admitted to having been there. The idea came from an acquaintance from the right-wing scene at the time. He set the fire.

In connection with the case, according to the spokeswoman for the federal prosecutor’s office, the apartment of a third suspect was also searched last week. She did not give any further details. A judge ruled in the evening that the 54-year-old must be remanded in custody.

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