War: Moscow presents tractors as destroyed Leopard tanks

War: Moscow presents tractors as destroyed Leopard tanks

A supposed success story about the destruction of Leopard tanks on the Russian side turns out to be an obvious duck. Russian military bloggers criticize the report.

Russia’s Defense Ministry has reported that the major Ukrainian offensive has been foiled and that Leopard battle tanks have been destroyed – but apparently presented false “evidence images”.

The video shows the destruction of a tractor, according to the pro-Russian military blog Woenny Oswedomitel after viewing the images. “It then entered the Department of Defense reports as Leopard 2.” Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had previously announced, among other things, the destruction of eight Leopard main battle tanks.

Other Russian military bloggers also criticized the success story as an obvious duck. According to the nationalist blogger Fighterbomber, these are images from the previous year. At that time, Kiev did not yet have Western Leopard-type main battle tanks. Germany delivered most of the Leopard tanks to Ukraine. They are to help the country recapture its Russian-held territories during the planned offensive.

In the past, the Russian Ministry of Defense has repeatedly exaggerated its success stories. According to its spokesman Igor Konashenkov, the Russian army has shot down significantly more Ukrainian planes than the country ever had.

Source: Stern

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